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Administration & Calendar Management

Best For Entrepreneurs Who Are Wearing Too Many Hats

Includes but not limited to:


Best if business finances is not your strength

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Visibility Concierge

Best for Entrepreneurs Who Need More Visibility

Includes but not limited to:

How to start working with DEC

1. Mindset Shift

Most people think of virtual assistance as simply "dumping" unwanted tasks. Not so. With DEC you gain partners for your business growth. We are here to support you in building your systems, growing your team, and scaling your business.

2. Book A Call

If you would like us to partner with you, book your FREE, no-obligation, clarity call with us. Let’s determine if we are the right fit for you and your business growth goals.

3. Show Up

Delegation can be intimidating for some people, however, if you are looking to scale your business, you must be willing to delegate. The first step to delegating is showing up to your Clarity Call.

Client Love... What Our Clients Are Saying


Marsha's company saved me valuable time, and allowed my business to make more money.

By hiring her services to take care of my conference in Texas, I was able to focus on my day-to-day business which boosted my overall sales. I had time to relax and finally could take vacation with my family. Thanks Marsha! ​

- Philip Reed CEO of Sales & Marketing

​ They come through every time. The owner, Marsha, is professional, polished, passionate and delivers impeccable customer service. Whenever I'm in a bind with my events, she finds the perfect solution!

​ She makes beautiful swag bags, takes care of administration and has a great eye for detail. She is very organized and creative! She definitely goes above and beyond and would recommend her to anyone who wants to get the job done ​

​ - Karen Carrington, Author & Talk Show Host
To any company or individual who is genuinely interested and wanting results for their business for Promotions & Marketing. Such impressive work.

​ The moment a new idea was created Divine Executive Concierge acted on it immediately not even the need to reiterate a sentence. Marsha is such an individualist and a coordinated multitasker. I am so grateful to have been referred. Highly recommend.

​ - Natalie Phipps, Author (

If ever you are in search of a great service, look no further. This is always a pleasant experience and without fail you will not be dissatisfied.

​ The creativity and thoughtfulness put into the work are comparable to none. Marsha makes each individual experience a great one. Everything to your personal desire.” ​​

- Pastor & First Lady Martin, Dennis Martin Speaks

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